Hello and welcome to Kids’ Church!

On this page you will find all you need to know about how the Kids ministry at Crossgate church works and how you can join this fun-loving, fast-paced family!

We count it a joy and a privilege to teach children the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that by partnering with parents we can offer REAL, RELEVANT and ROBUST teaching that will enable kids to choose to build their lives upon the rock of Jesus – Matthew 7:24.

Kids church is a place where our kids can learn about God in a creative, safe and fun environment. Our hope is that you will feel part of a team that are helping to shape and speak into the future generations.


Meet the team

Kids Champion: Jen Farrington.

Landmark tots: Janine Hall

Kids church vision

Our goal in kids church is to see kids choose to build their lives upon the rock of Jesus Christ. Matthew 7:24-27 tells the story of the wise man who built his house upon the rock. When the storm came his house stood strong. The foolish man who built his house upon the sand lost his house when the storms hit. We believe that by teaching children to know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference, we are enabling them to choose the right foundation in which to build their lives upon so when the storms of life come, which we know they do, they will be able to stand firm on the rock of Jesus.

Kids church mission

At Crossgate church the mission is to help people:

Know God, find Freedom, discover purpose, make a difference. Our kids church mission is no different. We want our kids to:

Know God

By reading the bible and bringing the word of God to life through drama, song and dance.

Find Freedom

Through small groups. Our small group leaders will create a safe environment where they offer opportunities for children to discuss and share about life issues they face, while bringing the truth of scripture to deepen their faith.

Discover Purpose

By loving, encouraging and affirming our children with Gods truth, we hope to bring out those God given gifts and talents that we believe every child possesses.

Make a difference

In kids church we have various outreach missions and events we encourage our kids to get involved in and invite their friends and families to.

Kids church team members

Our kids church members all have different gifts and talents but what we share is:

We are disciples of Jesus that understand that we are the example of Jesus in our world

We love, encourage, support and celebrate each other

We pray constantly for our kids, families and each other

We create a safe, fun environment for the kids in our care to thrive in

We align with the mission and vision of kid’s church

We plan and prepare well for each Sunday

We share in the overall failures and successes within Kids Church

We are a family who communicate always

We believe we can accomplish more together

Sunday morning programme

We love Sundays! We love coming together as a team to create the best hour of a kids’ week.

Throughout COVID we have adapted to filming all our content so for a limited time we will continue to film our kids’ content in-person so the leaders in the room just need to look after the kids and facilitate the morning.

We structure our mornings in the following way. This will only varie dependant on preschool & school age rooms and/ or the teaching theme.

10:15-10:40: registration & free play in the room

10:40-11: ‘The big show’ – Includes worship, word, challenges, quizzes etc.

11-11:10: Snack time

11:10-11:25: Small groups – discussion about the teaching, with craft & activities

11:25: Tidy up time (we like to encourage our kids to serve in the room and help tidy the toys)

11:30-11:40: Free play & parent collection

Our content


All ages come TOGETHER in the kid’s room to praise our God with fun, dynamic worship.


Our production team brings the bible to life with dramatic and often silly re-telling’s of God’s word.

Small groups:

Kids come together in their same life stage to unpack the word of God together in order to develop a personal relationship with Him and look to apply His word to their lives.

Big group:

To finish the morning, we come back together to enjoy wide games, challenges, awards, competitions and much more.

Kids church curriculum

1.            Jan: Big church theme

2.            Feb: 7 I AM’s of Jesus

3.            March: 7 I AM’S of Jesus

4.            April: Seasonal theme

5.            May: Healthy Bodies

6.            June: Healthy minds

7.            July: Seasonal theme

8.            August: Seasonal theme

9.            Sept: Big church theme

10.          Oct: Know your bible

11.          Nov: Why Worship?

12.          Dec: Seasonal theme

What events do we do ?

We hold annual outreach events. In July we hold our outreach event, ‘Summer Palooza’. The whole church is invited to bring their families and enjoy an afternoon of BBQ’s, bouncy castles, games and much more!

Throughout August we put the focus on family time and reduce the teaching to ‘Kids goes to the movies’ where we show kids’ movies. In October we look closely at our faith and how we do battle with the darkness. We hold our SHINE party nearer the 31st October as possible. Our Christmas teaching is dependent on our decision to perform our own Christmas production or host Saltmine theatre company that year.

Want to join the team?

Can’t serve on a Sunday morning?


Within our kids church we have various different areas in which to serve.

Mums & Tots:

We’re looking to run a mums and tots group every Tuesday morning at Landmark, 10-11:30am including a teddy bears picnic 11:30-12 where mums and tots can share lunch in a chilled atmosphere ready to fall asleep on the way home. We’re looking for people who love to hug and play with babies and toddlers, to help set up, pack down and run the session.

Production team

Are you creative, artistic, musical, gifted with performing to an audience? We’re looking for people to join our production team who can lead kids in worship, build and make sets / costumes or perform engaging and fun re-telling of bible stories.


For more information please email kids@crossgate.church or speak to one of our incredible leaders, you’ll spot them every Sunday and Tuesday at Landmark wearing their kids t-shirt and a great big smile! We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Love Jen xx