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Hello and welcome to Kids Church! Are you ready?

Welcome to Kids' Church this week...

Today is the last in our series on 'Healthy Bodies'

Who is the king of the jungle?

Who remembers this song??

Worship kids church style

'Here in your love' by the Belonging Co

Pre-school fitness challenge...

Please welcome this weeks special guests...Benjamin & Tabatha

Here's the Pre-school fitness video! Enjoy

Infants teach - 4-8 years

Juniors teach (9 -11 years)

Hey Juniors here's another epic video by the Bible Project all about the ultimate plan for our bodies to become places where God's Holy Spirit can rule and rest!
Below I've done a few questions for you to think about.

Juniors questions to think about ...

That video fully explains Gods created temple - when he created the world.
(You can discover more by reading Genesis 1 & 2)
Mans created temple - (you can read more about this in 1 Kings 7:23-26 & 2 Chronicles 4:2-5)
And God's ultimate plan for his rule and rest in a temple that can expand across the world and include US!

Here's a few questions to think about and maybe talk about with the people in your house:
1. What do you think is the ultimate temple for God to 'rule and rest' from?

2. Why do you think it's important that God didn't keep his temple to a building?

3. What do you think we can do to make our bodies the best temple for God to rest in?

4. How do you think we can allow God to rest and rule in us?

Bye for now...but dont forget our PALOOZA 12th July

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