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Pre-School Video

This weeks story is The Good Samaritan.
Be sure to play the game and pray with your kids.
Have fun together!

Pre-School colouring sheet

The story of the Good Samaritan.
If you're unable to print it, why not draw your own picture?

School age video

Amy is here with the challenge, quiz and Big idea of todays story

Watch this special video talking about racism

Here are your discussion questions

Why did the Good Samaritan decide to help?

Are you the best new friend you could be to someone?
How do you show your friendship?

How do you show love to others just as God shows love to you?

Have you ever been new to a school or a new club, how did it feel?

Why do you think God have us the greatest commandment to love others, why is it important?

Do you need prayer?

Our kids church team are ready to pray with you about anything you need help with, simply fill out a prayer request.