Hey pre-school parents! It's DIY musical instuments time

You will need:
Cardboard / assorted coloured pens / scissors / toilet paper tubes / paper plates / ribbon / bells and a whole host of accessories!!!
Have fun together ;)


Lets Worship!

School Age Kids

Its time for the Big Challenge / Big Quiz and our new memory verse!

School Age Kids!

Welcome our special guest speaker...

School Age worship

Here is one of Josh's favourite songs to connect to God. We pray you connect to God with it too

This weeks discussion questions!

• What is worship?
• Why should you worship?
• What other things do we worship other than Jesus?
• What do we connect with when we worship?
• Why is that important?
• What is the worship song Josh likes to sing to connect with God?

Do you need prayer?

Our kids church team are ready to pray with you about anything you need help with, simply fill out a prayer request.