Kids Church - Sunday 22 March 2020

Session introduction

Hello and welcome to our FIRST EVER online Kids Church sessions. Are you ready??

Echo - Kids Church Style

Turn it up loud and show off your best moves.

My God is so big so strong and so mighty!

After worship

Lets read Gods word together from the Bible, get yours out now!

Jesus calms the storm - by Saddleback Kids

We love Saddleback videos and hopefully this one helps you to understand the story of how Jesus calmed the storm.


Time to unpack today's story together now,..with a little extra note for the parents of Pre-schoolers...

Jesus calms the storm - Teach

Get your bibles, pads and pens ready!

Prayer requests

How are you feeling today? Unsure and fearful about what's happening in the world? Don't worry we all feel the same now and then but thankfully we know a great big God who always watches over us. Let's pray together about all our worries, our Kids Church team can't wait to pray over you today.

Craft for someone special by Michelle

For this weeks craft you will need an adult to help you AND scissors, coloured paper and glue!
Follow our wonderful Michelle as she guides you through how to make a card for someone special in your life today. Don't forget to take a picture and tag us in your efforts on our Instagram account, we can't wait to see how they turned out. Enjoy!!

Jesus calms the storm colouring page

Feel free to download this picture, print out and colour it in. If you're unable to do that try drawing your own Jesus calms the storm picture and maybe draw yourself in the boat too! Send us your pictures, we'd love to see them.

And finally... The boat challenge

Hey kids why not finish off this weeks ‘Jesus calms the storm’ session with a bit of fun and create your own boat - in a washing basket like my kids or draw one? Don’t forget to ask an adult to take a picture for you and tag us in it on our Instagram page. Happy sailing!