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We want kids to build their lives upon the rock of Jesus by firstly knowing God, then finding freedom, discovering purpose and making a difference!


By following these steps our prayer is that kids will choose to build their lives upon the rock of Jesus so when the storms of life hit they will not fall away.


Matthew 7:24-25


Through our youtube and instagram platforms we aim to create fun, biblical teaching each week that will equip you to equip your kids with Gods word at home!

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KIDS Online Permission Form

As a church we are committed to uphold a safe environment for all and we love to see your kids on our social media platforms and featuring in our online content and we want to do this safely.

Before a picture or video can be uploaded we need parental consent for it to be there, so please complete the online form below giving your consent. This will then be sent to the Kids and Safeguarding Team.

If you have any questions regarding this form then please email the team on: safeguarding@crossgate.church

Thank you.